How to generate ROI with Google Ads and Digital Marketing campaigns

Feb 2021

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Google is the biggest search engine and excellent digital marketing platform. Google ads in 2022 covers more than online search. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, Google shopping is targeted to buyers who are searching to buy and you can also target Google partner sites that allow Google Banner Ads.

Google Ads model is PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, meaning you only pay for the clicks and not for advertising. When the ads show up on the search engine or Google local, you are only charged once someone clicks on the ads.

What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Google Search network consists of Google Search, YouTube videos and other partner sites. Digital Marketing on Google Search network is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Depending on your digital marketing strategy there are multiple ways to advertise with Google for businesses or NFP (Not For profit) organisations.

  • Google Search ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Partner network
  • Google Shopping

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Google Search (PPC)

Google can be profitable marketing strategy for businesses when done right.  Google search ads are the ads results at the top of the page when a user searches for a key phrase. They are prefixed with the word “Ad”. Search ads also include Google local search which show in a local area.

You should entice more of the right kind of clicks from people who are actually willing and able to spend money with you and weed out the bad clicks that are dead ends that you still have to pay for.

Write your ad titles and descriptions with intent to entice the right people. Marketing words like award winning, high quality and “since 1996” are overused and people just gloss over them.

Instead making slight changes to your ads can generate the right kind of reaction. Think about what they might be thinking and you want to address an objection or two in their head.

In other words, what are the three biggest hesitations people have about working with or buying from you or anyone else in your industry for that matter?

Start with the biggest one or two hesitations to buy and address them using the Google adspace you in the headline. This is the biggest part of the Google ad and will catch the most attention.

Next is the description for your ad. Once you have caught their attention, its time to take it up a step and build it further.

Think about your best customers and who isn’t a good fit. If your company and you may not be the cheapest option out there but as long as you offer a better experience or better level of service something that justifies that higher price tag.

You want to call attention to that. Be specific about your clients are getting that’s above and beyond.

Call attention to your pricing in your Google Ad because this is going to make you a appealing option to your potential customers who want the higher level of experience and will have no problem paying for it.

Using pricing in your Google Ads also stops more budget conscious clients who may be window shopping, from clicking through. All meaning you are getting higher qualified leads and audiences and don’t have to pay.

Google ads is more successful and profitable digital marketing strategy when you market to those who are likely to convert.

Website Design and Landing Page (Onpage SEO)

User experience is an important part of marketing strategy and the landing page should continue to match the user experience. When a potential client clicks on your Google ads, it should lead them to the landing page that’s 100% specific to the services that your business provides.

The landing page should match the type of Google ad sets you are running for ex if you are targeting audiences for the search term “new countertops”, create a website geared towards the same ad set. The website should also use the keywords “kitchen countertops” in its page content including webpage title, pictures and description.

Dedicated webpages and website sections that focuses on specific ads and providing the users with all the specific information is the best way to use the Google Ads platform. Information on the website that’s provides all the information about your services or products will help the customer make informed decisions.

Designing a landing page on your website should also include answer to common customer objections. List 4 key benefits of your products which will help customers make the decision, provide testimonies and proof of work including pictures or videos.

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