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high performance Dedicated cloud servers AND VIRTUALIZATION


Our qualified technicians will provide you with a high performance fully managed managed server solution for your requirements. We are experts at provisioning all Windows Server and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS) distributions.

DDos Protection

Our Dedicated servers come with built-in DDoS mitigation against distributed web attacks. Whether you are hosting an application server, website or email services DDoS protection increases your level of security mitigates brutal force attacks against your servers.

Australian datacentre

Managed servers available in Equinix Sydney and Melbourne. Equinix DataCentres allows you to connect directly to Global ecosystem of digital infrastructure. Equinix Melbourne and Sydney are part of global interconnected platform that spans 6 Australian states and 52 metros nationwide. Local presence helps faster site response and SEO outcomes.

Monitoring & Backup

In the event of worst case scenario for ex. hardware failure or a malicious attacks the dedicated servers come with extra storage so you can get back up and running in little downtime time. We provide extra storage with our dedicated servers for backup and recovery,

managed hosting


Build scalable SECURE RELIABLE web applications

Optimized hardware 99.99% Uptime

Managed hosting deployed with high performance enterprise grade hardware, multicore CPUs, NVME storage, gigabit ethernet. State of the art fast reliable high speed bandwidth business hosting. When it comes to Cloud and Web services hardware and location makes the most difference in performance.


Our hosting experts will fully configure managed hosting setup which includes DNS hosting, domain registration, changing name servers if required. Apache/Nginx server setup, networking and proxy setup as required by the client. Our managed hosting is pre configured with linux OF and patched with latest security updates for greater security.


Managed Hosting that grows with you and isnt limited by scale. Client can upgrade their plan and bandwidth to suit as their business grows and clients increase. Our web experts will provide you with all the support you need for your website to grow and get more users.

FULLY Managed WordPress

Our technicians will manage your WordPress website and install latest updates. We will monitor your website for outages and report any problems with your site. We also provide web design and SEO options as package for business. Our Web Designers will also provide with plugin development, ecommerce solutions for WordPress.

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datacentre maintenance


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managing your CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE like its our own

Datacentre installation or addition

Provisioning in Melbourne Datacentre? Our technicians will install your equipment to the highest standard at the datacentre. From single ru to multiple racks we can install your equipment. Our technicians will install your IT Infrastructure as per your requirement.

Datacentre Maintenance

Our technicians also provide other datacentre services like scheduled maintenance, planned events, cable patches, hardware failure, hardware replacement, racking and stacking of hardware, rack migrations, break fixes, power cycling and rebooting severs.

Rapid Response & after hours response

We are able to deliver rapid response times for mission criticial hardware and infrastructure. Our services is also available after hours.

pricing plans

Discounted monthly rates and plans for planned preventive maintenance of your mission critical infrastructure.

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