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Jan 2022

IT Support AU What is managed IT services provider

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What is IT Support Services  

IT Support Service Providers are business IT partners implementing IT strategy and Outsourced IT Support. The best way to implement new technology and Digital Transformation for your firm or company is not to hire skilled staff instead outsource it to an IT support services firm. This is a highly productive and efficient process instead of in-house IT Department. Outsourcing IT Support Services is known as Managed IT Services.


“An Outsourced IT Services company is the source for comprehensive IT Support and Managed IT Solutions”

What are different types of IT Support Services

IT Support Services providers focus on a wide variety of IT services. Some of the commonly used IT Services within businesses are

  • Data Security and Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Continuity and Data backup
  • Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google cloud platforms
  • Website Design, Website Management and Digital Marketing
  • IT Infrastructure management
  • IT project management
  • Virtualization services

IT support services plans include partial or fully managed IT support for

What are the different levels of IT Support Services

Some of the capabilities of a IT Support Services Providers are as follows.


Level 1 IT support – IT Helpdesk

Level 1 is remote IT support services or phone-based IT support also known as IT helpdesk and Desktop support. These services can be delivered over the phone. This includes troubleshooting and guiding staff with the best solutions. Technical support that consists of lower-level IT services including printers and troubleshooting form part of IT Helpdesk.

Level 1 support is usually required when an employee joins or leaves the organisation. Their logins and their mailboxes have to be created by the IT support services team. In other cases, users can get locked out of their systems due to permissions which falls in Level 1 category. IT administrators are also able to log in to the users systems remotely, do backups and help the user out when required.

Desktop and computer breakdowns or slow network as well IT troubleshooting fall in this category of IT support services. Microsoft 365, Active Directory, password lost or reset requests can be done remotely with the help of level 1 IT support services team.

Level 1 IT support is quickest form of support and tickets are usually resolved in hours.

Level 2 IT support – IT Service Desk

Level 2 is expert IT support for company staff or organisations also known as IT service desk. This can be a phone-based IT support service or onsite support. IT Service desks are formed of IT helpdesks. Some of the services include system administrators, system engineers and network admins. Usually, onsite IT support services person attends level 2 callouts.

Level 2 support may handle configurations related to IT support services. Users can create support requests for new software installation, operating system updates, cyber security related issues and restoring changes. A software update may not have gone as planned so the system may need to restored back to previous state. These are some of the tasks that may require IT technicians from Level 2 support services team or service desk. Due to nature of the tasks of Level 2 IT support services, a person may have to be called out to perform some of the tasks.

Time frame

Level 2 IT support is usually resolved in a timely manner. Level 2 support requests are closed within 1-2 days.

Level 3 IT support – Onsite IT Services

Level 3 or higher is expertise IT support services for any organisation or individual for advanced IT solutions. Some of the level 3 IT support services include specialised services like virtualisation, server management, telephony services. Company staff depend on these services and downtime can cause losses to business organizations. Servers, networks and IT infrastructure are part of higher level and advanced IT support services. These IT services require in-person operations and cannot be troubleshot remotely.

Level 3 support run the IT infrastructure, mobile phone management and networks within companies and organisations. Level 3 IT technicians have considerable amount of experience and skills to troubleshoot infrastructure, datacentre, switches, firewalls and server rooms.

Level 3 does do not involve directly with users, instead the receive support requests from Level 2 support services. Level 3 technicians have strong technical background and certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, HPE in different technologies.


What are the different industries for IT Support Services

Real Estate IT Support Services

Medical IT Support Services


comparison of IT Support

Business IT Staff

In-house IT Support
  • Employed by the organization
  • IT Support salary 60k-150k
  • Employer or firm is responsible
  • Only available while working
  • Limited skills and specialization

Break-fix IT

Ad-hoc on call IT Services
  • Fixes IT after breakdown
  • Pricing $100 - $150 /hr.
  • Employer is not responsible
  • Limited and based on bookings
  • Specialises in fixing IT issues

Managed IT Services

Outsourced IT Support & Solutions
  • Managed IT operations
  • Starting at$500 or less per month
  • Employer is not responsible
  • Available 24 hours
  • Range of IT Services & IT Solutions

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 IT support plans

What are the benefits of IT Support Services Providers

Business success depends on efficiency and employee satisfaction which are related to IT support model and technical assistance.

Ticketing Systems

Level 1, 2 and 3 IT support service work through different requests using a ticket-based approach. Tickets are assigned to IT experts based on the level and the areas of expertise.

When the tickets are resolved they are usually updated in the system or closed with the notes added in the IT Support CRM.

When the IT support requests are not able to be resolved by the lower team members they are escalated to higher support staff.



A part of this IT burden includes updating
computer systems, installing antivirus, cyber security, cloud computing,
business continuity plan, regular backups, implementing new operating systems and maintenance. To meet their IT needs, firms can either hire and train their IT staff or outsource to another firm, called a Managed Service Provider (MSP).


Additionally, business services like network monitoring, server management and cybersecurity require the constant attention of IT support and can’t be provided by a break-fix or casual IT technician because of the ongoing nature of the operation.

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