What is Digital Transformation and how to adapt your business with technology

June 2021

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Digitally transforming and utilizing technology in different areas of your organization will increase agility and deliver better customer experience. Business transformation has been proven as a success factor for enterprises. Firms must adapt to new trends or risk falling behind competition.

What is Digital Transformation

Business digital transformation is encompassing IT and digitally transforming aspects and different areas of your business. In doing so, you are able to transform culture and practice of how you operate thereby providing value for stakeholders. IT Support and Managed IT Services firms help businesses and play integral role in overcoming the digital frontier.

Common examples of digital transformation include

  • Setting up eCommerce store, online payments as well as selling in store
  • Designing, updating company website and promoting it online
  • Implementing Cloud Computing for business operations like payroll, accounting and online documents
  • Remote workplaces and working from home
  • Staying up to date with latest technology (AI, bots, machine learning) and security protocols

Digitally transforming your business will allow you to take advantage of rapid growth in technology and increase productivity.

Why is the role of technology in Business transformation

Businesses have to constantly overcome challenges for edge over the market and to stay competitive. But a more likely reason for digital transformation is the ability to survive. During the pandemic, workers were forced to work from home posing as the offices were shut. Enterprises and their ability were tested and in order to survive they had to overcome issues such as supply disruptions, getting goods to market and changing consumer demands.

During the difficult times firms which digitally transformed and adapted to technology fared better than others. Business technological transformation is crucial for firms for them to reach clients and overcome obstacles. The 2020 pandemic made it easier for businesses with digital edge to flourish and IT support services were high in demand during this time. During the pandemic the consumer habits and behavior were completely transformed due to greater reliance on technology and automated systems.

Managed Services providers allow rethinking of business models, experiment with new technology and become agile when it comes to responding to the needs of your clients.

Cloud Computing digitally transformed consumer behavior in 2020 and beyond. In order to keep operating, business had to accommodate the hybrid workforce model. Employees using Cloud technology to collaborate, communicate there by digitally transforming business is a prime example.

Managed providers and IT Support for small business helped accounting firms, lawyers, recruitment agencies, attorneys achieve success and progress for their clients.


“Organizations have to adapt to new technology and transform to keep growing, increase productivity and overcome challenges”


Where there is transformation, there is change to the status quo. The hard part on the road of Business transformation is finding the right IT strategy for the future. Smaller firms like accounting firms, Lawyers and attorneys, and builders are able to outsource their IT strategy to an IT Solutions firm for Virtual CIOs services.

Businesses may find that there is IT Gap from setting on the path of their IT strategy and successfully achieving their goals and realizing their objectives. Enterprises will have to overcome technological hurdles to transform their business model in order to successfully execute their vision.

A IT partner organization helps you reduce your gap and successfully digitally adapt your business so that you don’t hit road blocks.

The pandemic forced businesses to adapt to employees working from home using technology (digital transformation).

How to adapt to new trends successfully

Transformation can bring success and challenges in doing so. IT support firms play an important role in business transformation and business success. Most importantly, Managed IT Service firms help small and medium enterprise overcome their technological hurdles and shortcomings. The right IT support firm with the IT expertise will enable firms to achieve success with their IT strategy in the present and in the future.

Outsourcing IT services means that the firms will not have to deal with talent struggles and wasting staff resources. The optimal approach for business with their IT strategy and digital transformation is to experiment and often. By experimenting they are able to find what works well and find new best practices.


Finding the right IT strategy for business transformation

The right IT strategy is a roadmap and begins with the vision and the problem statement. Business may have a vision to “remote workplace”, “automating operations”, “improve customer experience”, “reduce resistance”, “increase productivity” or “uplift margins”. With advancement new IT technologies are available which makes it easier for goals and objectives to be met easily.

Central to everything that the enterprise tries to achieve with its digital goals and IT strategy, is leadership and culture. If the leadership and culture aren’t at “heart” with the IT vision of the firm, then the strategy is more likely to fail. IT support firms can help business understand what technology can bring to their firms is essential.

Government bodies including Business Victoria have provided grants for business digital adaptation.

This shows the governments commitment towards businesses by using digital transformation for stimulating growth and increasing productivity.

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